K Gallery Art & Design

Booth: 301A
Living as a mediator of life in two continents in consistent search of where I belong  taught me to continue doing, just so. Just like a piece of art in the creators mind’s eye is nearly never finished, perfection keeps slipping out of reach – the search keeps evolving as well.

As a woman of two extremely different worlds, an onlooker of various cultures passing by, you cannot help the urge, but marry oneself to those eclectic world characteristics, and let them widen your persona.
 The everlasting observances of the varying influences always remain, yet the root of   inspirations lies in the simple life where I come from, a land of thousands of islands.

I have arrived back to the same stairs, of my childhood to influence me the most. The truth is, we are how we grow up.  That fundamental simplicity lives through each detail, if you care to look closely, and see my story through design.