New in 2018, check out the City Studios feature at the show. We’re taking city living to an all new level with this design feature that challenges three designers to create somewhere to eat, sleep and relax in only 200 square feet. Click the link below to learn more about our inspirations designers.

Studio 1 Designed By: Seeking Lavender Lane

logo_watermark_blackAt Seeking Lavender Lane, you can find design ideas, unique DIY ideas, seasonal decorating, table-scapes, advice, how to's and not to's for the home and all of that in a nutshell.Deb Foglia has a love for designing and helping others and it is something she has always been passionate about. If you are in need of design and decorating help then Seeking Lavender Lane is where you can go to explore all your design inspirations.

Business card 7-2017

Studio 2 Designed By: K Gallery Art & Design

KGALLERYLiving as a mediator of life in two continents in consistent search of where I belong  taught me to continue doing, just so. Just like a piece of art in the creators mind’s eye is nearly never finished, perfection keeps slipping out of reach – the search keeps evolving as well.

As a woman of two extremely different worlds, an onlooker of various cultures passing by, you cannot help the urge, but marry oneself to those eclectic world characteristics, and let them widen your persona.
 The everlasting observances of the varying influences always remain, yet the root of   inspirations lies in the simple life where I come from, a land of thousands of islands.

I have arrived back to the same stairs, of my childhood to influence me the most. The truth is, we are how we grow up.  That fundamental simplicity lives through each detail, if you care to look closely, and see my story through design.

Studio 3 Designed By: Mix & Match Design Company and RD Design House

Square Logo Mix-&-Match-Design-CompanyMix & Match Design Company was created to provide accessible, affordable interior design for everyone. After many years of writing a design blog and helping friends and family put together homes they loved, founder Chaney Widmer decided it was time to jump head first into launching her own Internet-based interior design business.

Mix & Match Design Company wants to take the intimidation out of interior design - whether you are starting from scratch on a brand new home, adding a few pieces to bring a room together, or just in need of
another set of eyes to take your space from good to great. We're ready to help! Try our one-on-one e-design services, get inspired and find design tips over on the blog, or follow along on social media.


RDDESIGNHOUSEAt Restore Decor - Design House, We specialize in creating to remember spaces, one home at a time. We feel that a home should be a representation of one’s self in its many dimensions.Our passionate team of designers strives to combine your personal style with the art of Interior Design to create a truly custom home that meets our client’s needs, and exceeds their wildest design expectation!